Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary in Munger

Bihar has some of the distinctive flora and fauna wild species that make wildlife sanctuaries in Bihar a paradise for wildlife lovers and that is best for tourists. Bihar has tremendous biodiversity, as the historical geography of the Bihar. Its name is famous for its dignity. One of the best states of India is dotted with thick forests, serving as the habitat of a uncountable number of wildlife animals.

Here we are talking about Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary which is one of the best Wildlife Sanctuary in Munger district of Bihar, India. And this Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its hot water springs. Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary, is a one of the oldest naturally occurred sanctuary in the hurt of the dense forest of Munger district of Bihar, such as a natural heaven for tourist, it is protected by forest guard and they provide protection for species from hunting or poaching; be aware it is a protected area, a geographic territory within which wildlife and it is protected. It is located in the south west towards Haveli Kharagpur of Munger district, Bihar. This Wildlife forests cover an area of 681.99 km² on the Haveli Kharagpur hills. This haven like natural century is famous for its wonders.

Among all the Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar, India, the Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary is the oldest and one of the best among the top 12 Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar. Located at the Haveli Kharagpur Hills of the Munger – Jamui range of mountains and dense forest, Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the hot spots of the wildlife lovers. This Wildlife Sanctuary has been named after the popular Mahabharat story written on mahabali Bhim, one of the Pandavas, who constructed a dam (bandh) in this area. Beauty, greeneries, hot water pond and it’s the wilderness of this Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary attracts tourists from various parts of the world. This Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary tourist destination of Munger, Bihar, India has also been featured in numbers of wildlife documentaries for raising awareness towards the mighty and stunning Indian Tigers and Chital.

Main Wildlife Animals: Tiger, Leopard, Samber, Nilgai (blue bull), Chital, Black Wild Bear, Wild Boar, Wolf, Gaur (Indian bison), Chousingha, Monkey, Hanuman, Sahil, Barking deer, Rabbit, hyena, Python, Newala, Goh etc…

Main Wildlife Birds: Peacock, Common Kestrel, Van Murgi, Lesser adjutant, White eyed buzzard, Kalij Phesant, Parrot…

Small mammals include the Indian gray mongoose, rare hispid hare, small mongooses, large civet,fox, golden jackal.

Crocodiles: Specially in Haveli Kharagpur Lake and Kalidah near Rameshwar kund.

And snakes, cobra and kraits are of common occurrence while pythons are occasionally seen.

Season: November to February (Best time).

Nearest Town: Haveli Kharagpur (12 kms). Jamui (16 km). Munger (46 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Jamui (16 km). Bariarpur (22 km)

Nearest Airport: Patna (212 km)